Dating a Lawyer

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When it comes to dating a lawyer, it may appear at first to be a daunting task given that they work long hours and are dedicated to their craft. However, such apparent negatives actually provide good reasons as to why dating an attorney can be a fun, enjoyable, and perhaps long-lasting experience. For the most part, lawyers are people just like everyone else. They simply have a profession that has been glamorized on TV in one way or another that has led to many preconceived notions that may not be that accurate.

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While being a lawyer today has changed considerably from the old days as reflected in classic TV shows such as Perry Mason. Many of the same standards still apply in terms of their job from being in court to going over documents and working with clients of all types. The time-consuming task of being an attorney means that lawyer dating takes on a different perspective than many other jobs. However, there are some rewards to dating a lawyer.

  • Income & Security: Virtually all lawyers make a healthy income that provides a great sense of security in terms of their position. This is because lawyers are well educated and their services are in high demand whether they work for the government in prosecuting cases, defend clients, work in contract law, or represent a company. A lawyer in good standing is not only one that will make a considerable amount of money, but will also be in demand even if they lose their current employment.
  • Dedication: Being a lawyer can be a trying experience given the duties that they must perform on a daily basis. It takes a certain dedication to become an attorney which means that the good ones are dedicated to their craft. Being dedicated to the ideals of defending someone in court, working for the government or other entity, creating contracts, will, and so forth takes a person of good, moral character and a strong work ethic in order to do the job right.
  • Social Conscious: There are many professions that pay a considerable amount of money, yet few offer the chance for those with a true social conscious to flourish. Defending a client in court or the law depending on the side chosen is a profession geared towards the improvement of people overall. Even those that represent companies or write up contract law are doing so out of the sense of consciousness and caring for those they represent. While not all lawyers are perfect, the vast majority take pride in their profession and the impact it has on society.

Although lawyer dating can be a little difficult at times due to the time needed for them to effectively pursue their profession, there are substantial rewards as far as their income, dedication, and overall social consciousness goes in finding someone that will appeal to you. While dating a lawyer or dating an attorney does have its issues, there are good reasons why dating lawyers offers many strong advantages.

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