Is it Easy to Win the Heart of a Female Lawyer

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A question that many men have when it comes to the dating scene is whether female lawyers can be won over by their own personality. Over the years, the female lawyer has developed a stereotype of being an inflexible persona that is far more driven to success rather than wanting to be in a relationship. While there may be some who fit this stereotype, the truth is that lawyers are people just like everyone else with feelings and a heart that wants to be loved.

Of course, dating a lawyer is another matter as both men and women who pursue this profession often have difficulty finding the time to date. This means that if you seek to date a lawyer, you'll need to have the right advice in order to maximize your chances of winning their heart.

Respect their Profession

Just like anyone else, the female lawyer wants their profession and their dedication to be respected. A real test of your patience will come when the lawyer has to cancel or push back dates because of their own work schedule. Remember that most lawyers must work 50 to 60 hours or more per week for their clients and there are times when they have to catch up on paperwork or meet with a client that puts off your date.

So, do not be discouraging when trying to date a lawyer and instead be as patient. In the long run, patience will pay off as they will respect your attitude for not blowing your top or making snide or unfriendly remarks about their profession of choice.

Make the Most of the Moment

Whether you are out for the weekend or just having a lunch date, you'll want to make a good impression when you first date a lawyer. So, be prepared with something small, but thoughtful such as a flower or small gift that shows you consider their time important. If you keep it in perspective, this will help you when dating a female lawyer as it demonstrates in a simple, straightforward way how you feel about them.

Plan Ahead

If after a few dates your relationship reaches a new level, you will probably want to start thinking about how you can spend more time with them. Quite often, lawyers will have vacation time or ways to make a three-day weekend if you plan in advance. Of course, for many you'll have to plan well in advance, so it pays to be patient and let things work out for the long run.

In addition, it always pays to be a good listener because lawyers by their nature have to listen to their clients, the court, and other professionals all day long. So, it should not be surprising that they may want to talk for a while when dating.

Dating a lawyer is a little different than most other professions, but if you keep in mind the limited time they have, being respectful of what they do, and dressing appropriately to make a good impression, then you will stand a much better chance of success when you date a lawyer.

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