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8. How Do You Think The Marriage Between Lawyer and Doctor?

Isn't it a unique combination of a lawyer and doctor getting married? Well, yes that would really interesting since both the persons are completely from different backgrounds..... Read more >>( Posted by | )

7. Dating a Lawyer to Enjoy the Valentine's Day

It is true that you can date an architect, a doctor, an engineer and you can even date a lawyer. The choice is really up to you but if you are longing for an extraordinary experience date a lawyer this Valentine's Day.... Read more >>( Posted by | )

6. What is it like to date a lawyer?

Dating is an interesting game that comes with several different options and parameters depending on whom you want to date. There might be instances when you feel yourself following for physical attributes and otherwise you might find intelligence attractive. .... Read more >>( Posted by | )

5. The Benefits and challenges of dating a lawyer?

Love or a relationship with someone special always gives a cozy feel. Cuddling, sharing, and happiness keep everyone energized. If you are looking for a partner, with whom you can communicate using special eye-code when other people are around, means you are looking for an exciting date.... Read more >>( Posted by | )

4. Why is it difficult to date a lawyer?

Many people who are outside the legal profession will wonder whether dating a lawyer can be a trying experience. The answer is that dating an attorney is difficult for many people, particularly those who work long hours themselves or have rather inflexible schedules that make... Read more >>( Posted by | )

3. Is it Easy to Win the Heart of a Female Lawyer?

A question that many men have when it comes to the dating scene is whether they can win the heart of female lawyers throygh their own personality. Over the years, the female lawyer has developed a stereotype of being an inflexible persona that is far more driven to ... Read more >>( Posted by | )

2. Why Do Many Lawyers Win in Court, but Lose in Love?

In case you are new; Sugaring is a sweet lifestyle, where you get pampered by sugar daddy for your companionship. It is a lifestyle that most girls love to have because of the luxury they get. Sugars get to meet business executives, fly first class or ... Read more >>( Posted by | )

1. How to Date a Lawyer Successfully?

When it comes to dating a lawyer, there are a number of things to keep in mind that makes them different from most other people. This is because for the most part lawyers are not limited to a traditional 40 hour work week and have clients that may take up a considerable amount of their time. However, there are ways to date a lawyer successfully if ,... Read more >>( Posted by | )

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